2023 IEEE 15th International Conference on ASIC

Oct. 24-27, 2023, Platinum Hanjue Hotel, Nanjing, China

Session K1-2: Let the Plants Do the Talking: Smart Agriculture by the Messages Received from Plants and Soil

Time: 9:45-10:30,Oct.25, 2023,Wednesday


       Prof. Danilo Demarchi, Politecnico di Torino,Italy


The benefits that technology provides to a green and sustainable economy are highly appreciated and under intense research and development globally. Circuits and Systems (CAS), which are the base for any system, can bring the needed functionalities and performances for reaching eco-friendly, circular and practical solutions.

The IoT in agriculture is exponentially increasing, proving that Precision Agriculture is a very fast-growing research field, where more controlled quality production, water use optimization, and a lower spreading of pesticides and fertilizers are some key issues, serving the improvement of food quality, but also helping the respect of agriculture for the environment.

For reaching these targets, electronics are the perfect tool for interfacing the data sources, extracting the data and processing them, and obtaining the needed information along the whole food chain: from the farmer, and the professional stakeholders to the consumers.

In the Keynote Speech, an overview of electronics for precision agriculture will be presented, analyzing the possible solutions that can bring important innovations, advancing the actual strategies based on remote or indirect measurements, by instead in-place measuring the plant and soil parameters (a.k.a. Let the Plants do The Talking), associated with more standard information derived from environmental conditions. Application scenarios for crop monitoring, information communication and decision support will be presented. In particular, will be analyzed technologies for reaching the needed levels of low power and low cost, and the efficient ones to be applied to Agri Food at the global scale, supporting also food security and sustainability.


Full Professor at Politecnico di Torino, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. Micro & Nano Electronics, Smart System Integration and IoTs for the Agri Food Value Chain and for Bio Medical Devices. Visiting Professor at EPFL Lausanne (2019) and at Tel Aviv University (2018-2021). Visiting Scientist (2018) at MIT and Harvard Medical School for the project SISTER (Smart electronic IoT Systems for Rehabilitation sciences). Author and co-author of 5 patents and more than 300 scientific publications in international journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

Leading the MiNES (Micro & Nano Electronic Systems - http://mines.polito.it) Laboratory of Politecnico di Torino and coordinating the Italian Institute of Technology Microelectronics group at Politecnico di Torino (IIT@DET). Founder and Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on AgriFood Electronics (https://ieee-cas.org/publication/ieee-transactions-agrifood-electronics). Founder and Vice-Chair of the IEEE CAS Special Interest Group on AgriFood Electronics. 2023-2024 Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE CAS Society with the Lecture "Let the Plants Do the Talking: Smart Agriculture by the messages received from Plants and Soil”. Member of the IEEE Sensors Council and the BioCAS Technical Committee. Associate Editor of the IEEE Open Journal on Engineering in Medicine and Biology (OJ-EMB) and the Springer-Nature Journal Bio Nano Science. Senior Member of IEEE. General Chair of IEEE BioCAS (Biomedical Circuits and Systems) Conference in 2017 in Torino and founder of IEEE Food CAS Workshop (Circuits and Systems for the Food Chain). TPC Co-Chair of IEEE ICECS 2019, IEEE Bio CAS 2021 and IEEE Bio CAS 2022 conferences. General Co-Chair of IEEE Bio CAS 2023.

Organizer of the 3rd Seasonal School on Agri Food Electronics: Smart Technologies for a Sustainable Agriculture in Torino, September 2022.