2023 IEEE 15th International Conference on ASIC

Oct. 24-27, 2023, Platinum Hanjue Hotel, Nanjing, China

Session K1-1: Technology Innovations at the heart of Engineering Humanitarian Solutions

Title:Technology Innovations at the heart of Engineering Humanitarian Solutions

Time: 9:00-9:45, Oct.25, 2023,Wednesday


       Dr. Rakesh Kumar

       IEEE Life Fellow, IEEE TA Hall of Honor Chair, IEEE Roadmaps Chair, IEEE Data Based Strategy AdHoc,President, Technology Connexions, Inc,USA


Technology innovations over the years are being used to create engineering solutions at a very rapid pace. This keynote talk will provide select examples of some exciting solutions using Wireless and Compute technologies, IoT, AI/ML and similar capabilities to create solutions in spaces such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Smart Lighting and Power Generation and Distribution, and many others. While these solutions are enhancing personal experience they are also creating challenges. As IEEE Technology Roadmaps bring together a bevy of international experts to chart out a mapping of continued evolution of the underlying basic technologies, they provide the groundwork for making these humanitarian solutions possible. Some examples of this connectivity between Technology Roadmaps and the humanitarian solutions will also be enumerated.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar is a semiconductor industry veteran, an entrepreneur, and an educator. He is the founder, President and CEO of TCX Technology Connexions. Currently he Chairs the IEEE Technical Activities Data-based Business Strategy Ad Hoc and Roadmaps committees. He participates in the IEEE 2050, Future Directions and Industry Engagement committees. He has been an IEEE HKN Governor, and on the Boards of IEEE SSCS, TEMS, and SSIT. He educates and mentors potential entrepreneurs at UCSD. Dr. Kumar authored the book “Fabless Semiconductor Implementation”, published by McGraw Hill. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and in the IEEE TAB Hall of Honor. During 40+ years in the semiconductor industry he has been VP&GM at Cadence Design, and has held various technical and management positions at Unisys and Motorola. He received the Ph.D.. M.S. and B.S diplomas in EE from the University of Rochester and IIT Delhi, and an Executive “MBA” from UCSD in 1989.