2023 IEEE 15th International Conference on ASIC

Oct. 24-27, 2023, Platinum Hanjue Hotel, Nanjing, China

T-3 Low-dimensional semiconductors for high performance, low power electronics



T-3 Low-dimensional semiconductors for high performance, low power electronics

Prof. Yanqing Wu

Peking University,China

Low dimensional materials such as ultra thin oxide semiconductors and 2D materials show promising potentials for future electronic devices at the scaling limit due to their excellent electrical performance. In the more Moore direction, atomic channel 2D TMDCs has the ultimate scaling potential in the form of vertical-stacked CFET. The main challenges include mobility optimization, ohmic contact formation as well as high-k dielectric integration. In this tutorial, recent progress and future perspectives will be discussed to solve these challenges. In the more than Moore direction, back-end-of-line (BEOL) compatible transistors for logic and memory applications with high performance and low power face tremendous opportunities and challenges as well. In this tutorial, high performance BEOL-compatible amorphous oxide semiconductor transistors with ultra low leakage and high performance will be discussed toward the application for logic, RF, and 3D-DRAM applications. The key issues such as the scaling capability to 10 nm channel length, on-state performance and off-state leakage current will be addressed, as well as proof-of-concept circuit demonstrations including ring oscillators.


Prof. Yanqing Wu

Yanqing Wu obtained BSEE from Fudan University in 2005, and PhD in microelectronics from Purdue University in 2009. He then joined IBM T.J. Watson Research Center as a Postdoc and later as Research Staff Member. Since 2012, he joined Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a professor and moved to Peking University since 2019. His main research areas include devices based on novel channel material and dielectric materials for logic, memory and RF applications. He has pioneered several research directions in ultra thin body semiconductors such as oxide semiconductor ITO with record high performance. He has published many papers in Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Electronics, Nature Nano, IEEE EDL, TED and IEDM.