2021 IEEE 14th International Conference on ASIC

Oct. 26-29, 2021, Kunming, China

Welcome to ASICON 2021

On behalf of the Conference, it is our great pleasure and honor to express our warm welcome to all ASICON 2021 attendees. Thank you very much for your participation.

ASICON 2021 is the 14th event of this conference series that began in 1994. It was planned to be held from October 26 to 29, 2021 in Kunming, China. Due to the ongoing global spreading of COVID-19 and the severe impact on international travel, we have had to change ASICON 2021 from a face-to-face meeting to an online one. We sincerely hope that with your efforts and participation, the online conference will play its full role and achieve the desired results.

While “ASIC” has had a narrow meaning, the Conference has adopted Advanced Semiconductor Integrated Circuits as the meaning of ASIC in ASICON. This is in recognition of the fact that ASICON covers a broad technical fields of integrated circuits. The conference provides an international forum for VLSI circuit designers, ASIC users, System Integrators, IC manufacturers, devices engineers and CAD/CAE tool developers to present the latest progresses, development and research results in their respective fields. The Conference also serves as a platform for academic and industry attendees to network and exchange information.

ASICON 2021 has invited five international experts to give tutorials on the first day of the conference. In addition, we have invited 7 world renowned academic and industry leaders to give keynote speeches during the plenary sessions from Oct.27-29.

ASICON has had a very significant impact on industry and academia. We look forward to continuing this tradition with you at this year's virtual conference.

General Co-Chairs of ASICON 2021

Jan Van der Spiegel
Zhiliang Hong
Yong Lian
Ting-Ao Tang
Kun Yue
Hongxia Liu
Oct. 26, 2021