The Scope of the Conference

Papers are solicited in, but not limited to, the following:

I.        Design Techniques

[1]    VLSI Design and Circuits

l Low power techniques, high-speed circuits

l Embedded processors and DSP

l Chaos/neural/fuzzy-logic circuits

l Programmable devices (PLD, EPLD, HDPLD, FPGA, etc)

l NoC

[2]    Analog, Mixed Signal and RF Circuits

l Data converters (ADCs and DACs)

l RF circuits(narrowband RF, ultra low power and millimeter-wave circuits (MMDS, 60GHz), RF/IF and power amplifiers, frequency generators, RF switches, power detectors, active antennas )

l Power systems and power electronic circuits

[3]    Application-Specific SoCs

l Auto-mobile electronics and Industry Control

l Biomedical circuits and systems

l Sensory systems

l Graph theory and computing

l Neural systems and Applications

l Mobile Computing

l IOT technologies.

[4] Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications

l Receivers,transimitters technologies for wireless systems (WLAN, WPAN, WMAN, GPS, DVB/DMB,UWB, Blutooth, GSM/EDGE/CDMA/UMTS/3G/4G base stations and handsets, TV, radio, satellite)


l ISM band systems

[5] Testing, Reliability, Fault-Tolerance

l Digital/analog/mix-signal testing

l Design for testability and reliability

l Test vector compression and silicon debug and diagnosis

l Variation-aware design

l Static and dynamic defect and fault recoverability

[6] Advanced Memory

l DRAM & SRAM  Flash Memory

l Ferroelectric Memory

l Phase Change Memory, RRAM, MRAM

[7] FPGA

l Tools and Design Technique for FPGA

l Architectures for FPGA

l Device technology for FPGA

l Application of FPGA

II.      CAD Techniques

[8] Circuits Simulation, Synthesis, Verification and Physical design

l Analog Circuits modeling and simulation

l Logic synthesis, simulation and formal verification

l Partitioning, placement and floor planning

l Routing and detailed physical design

[9] CAD for system, Design for Manufacturing and Testing

l Embedded systems

l Mixed technology/domain, reliable and alternative systems

l Design for manufacturability and testing

III.     New Techniques, New Processing, New Devices and Their Applications

[10] MEMS Techniques

l Piezoelectric and MEMS application

l Pyroelectric/IR/optical application

l Sensors,Chemical and Bio-Chips

[11] Nanoelectronics and Gigascale systems

l Nano Devices and NEMS

[12] New Devices: Hetrojunction Devices, Fin FET, CNT MTJ Devices,, 3-D integration, etc..

[13] Advanced Interconnection Technology, High K/Metal gate technology and other VLSL New Processing, New technologies .

[14] VLSI application for Energy generation, conservation and control

[15] Processing Modeling & Simulation

IV Other VLSI Design and Device Related Topics

[16] Other Devices Related Topics  [17] Other VLSI Design Related Topics

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