The Scope of the Conference

Papers are solicited in, but not limited to, the following:

I.       Integrated Circuits and Design Techniques

[1]    Analog IC

l Amplifiers

l Data converters (ADCs and DACs)

l Power management ICs and Energy Harvesting

l Clock generator, PLL and CDR

[2]    Digital IC

l CPU, MCU, GPU and Embedded processors

l Machine learning and AI circuits

l Programmable devices (PLD, EPLD, HDPLD, FPGA, etc)


l Low power technique

[3]    Wireless, Wireline telecommunication and Optic Communication IC

l LNA, Mixer, PA, Integrated Antenna and Switches

l RF and millimeter-wave Transceiver

l RFID and IoT circuits

l Serdes

l Laser Driver and TIA

      [4]    Memory


l Flash memory

l Ferroelectric memory

l Phase change memory, RRAM, MRAM

l Novel memory technique

[5]    Sensor, Image Processing and Bio-medical IC

l Sensor circuits

l Graph theory and computing

l Biomedical circuits and systems

l Wearable systems

[6]    FPGA and DSP

l FPGA architecture and circuits

l DSP architecture and circuits

l   FPGA and DSP application

        [7]    Special application IC

l       Anti-Radiation IC

l       Ultra-High Voltage Circuits

        [8]    Design for Testing

l   Digital/analog/mix-signal testing

l   Design for testability and reliability

l   Test vector compression and silicon debug and diagnosis

l   Variation-aware design

l   Static and dynamic defect and fault recoverability

II.      CAD Techniques

        [9]   Circuits Simulation, Synthesis, Verification and Physical Design

l   Analog circuits modeling and simulation

l   Logic synthesis, simulation and formal verification

l   Partitioning, placement and floor planning

l   Routing and detailed physical design

        [10]   CAD for System, Design for Manufacturing and Testing

  Embedded systems

l   Mixed technology/domain, reliable and alternative systems

l   Design for manufacturability and testing

III.    New Techniques, New Processing, New Devices and Their Applications

      [11]   MEMS Techniques

l   Piezoelectric and MEMS application

l   Pyroelectric/IR/optical application

l   Sensors, chemical and bio-chips

      [12]   Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Systems

l   Nano devices and NEMS

      [13]   New Devices: Heterojunction Devices, Fin FET, CNT MTJ Devices, 3-D Integration, etc.

     [14]   New Processing: Advanced Interconnection Technology, High-K/Metal Gate Technology and Other VLSL New Processing

      [15]   Processing Modeling & Simulation

IV Other VLSI Design and Device Related Topics

      [16]   Other VLSI Design Related Topics

      [17]   Other Devices Related Topics

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